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Paid vs Organic Search

Paid vs Organic Search - A Brand New Playing Field for Old Rivals

Paid vs Organic Search - A Brand New Playing Field for Old Rivals

Just about everything is being re-written these days. In the search world, the lines between paid and organic are being blurred by large social sites like Facebook and Twitter entering into the arena.

It’s not the fact that large social media platforms are offering up paid search, it’s the fact that advertisers can re-target web users who have visited one of their pages or sites. Re-targeting is fast becoming a staple in an ad manager’s toolbox.

Re-targeting ensures that the a particular ad follows a particular web user around. In other words, that ad sticks to that user like glue. The object is to make that ad as close as possible to ‘top of mind’ as possible. This is exactly what a #1 search engine ranking is all about. That ranking ensures that that web property is as close to top of mind as possible for that search.

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