nextGenSEO | Client Discovery and Application
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Client Application

Client Discovery and Application

Our Search Engine Optimization and Digital Marketing services ARE NOT for everyone …

In order to ensure that each and every client we work with gets the attention they deserve, we simply cannot work with every business that reaches out to us. We’re fussy about our clients and only work with those that meet some simple, very reasonable criteria.

We take on clients who …

Here’s all that we ask before we proceed. Your business should:

  1. Be healthy, active and stable.
    We can only provide our services for existing businesses. If your business is already up and running, we can help your business grow faster, farther and larger than virtually anything else. We specifically will not work with:
  • Get-rich-quick themed businesses
  • Adult themed businesses
  • Start-ups
  • Have a steady flow of leads and customers.
    Your business has to be making sales, must have some form of web-presence and you must be actively marketing your products and services. In other words, you must be present in your marketplace.
  • Offer a solid product or service.
    At the foundation of every business is a solid, reputable product or service. What we do not only brings you an increase in sales, it also brings a massive increase your social media presence which translates directly to GOODWILL! Without a solid product or service, there simply is no room to manoeuvre.
That’s all we ask! Meet the three requirements above and we’re good to go!
If you would like to put us to work for you, we would love to hear from you! In order to proceed, we’ve got a simple 2 step process. Here’s how it works:
First Step: Fill out the Discovery Form below. This information serves as an introduction to your business. It lets us know what you’re selling, what your goals and objectives are, what you hope to achieve, etc.
Second Step: We’ll review the information in the Form very carefully and do our own research into your marketplace, customer base and competition. Once we’ve completed our research, we’ll create and deliver a customized plan to grow your business based on the exact same foundation and processes that’s generating millions for our existing clients. We’ll deliver and review this plan with you personally over the phone, Skype or live screenshare. Plan on spending between 45 and 60 minutes with us to review and fully understand our research and proposal.

Discovery Form

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