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SEO and SEM conceptualization, mind-mapping and goal analysis.


Exhaustive keyword and competition analysis.


End-to-end design including robust reporting and tracking.


Guaranteed bug-free, right the first time deployment.



We help businesses and professionals research, develop and deploy effective, quantifiable search strategies that yield real-world results. We live and breathe search so you don’t have to!

Discover what really drives search results and rankings, including Google’s Golden Rules.


Search engine positioning for Google, Yahoo and Bing.


On-page and content search optimization.


Social-sphere reputation management.


Google, Yahoo and Microsoft paid search campaign management and optimization.


Off-page link management and search optimization.


Search engine results pages tracking.


Facebook and Twitter campaign management


Content curation strategies and management.


Ranking recovery strategies and management.









We’ll look after your on-line presence – from paid to organic to social. You can look after your customers.

Who We Are ...

We're a best-of-breed Winnipeg MB digital marketing firm that specializes in building search engine optimization and marketing campaigns that help your customers and clients find you online.

What We Are ...

NextGenSEO provides expert local Winnipeg SEO services for businesses and professional corporations in Winnipeg, Assiniboia, Kildonan, Riel and Brandon.

How We Work ...

We work closely with you to get to an understanding of what your Winnipeg MB business needs, who your customers are and where to find them online.

Winnipeg SEO Services At A Glance

Effective Steps To Follow When Looking For Winnipeg SEO Services

With changes in the way people do business every tick of the clock, knowing how to do it online and do it effective to outsmart completion would be a wise thing in preparation for success to follow, though not as simple as it may seem to the un-keen eye in Winnipeg. As such, a smart online search marketing approach would mean hiring a Winnipeg SEO services provider to help put your business into to limelight and out there in front of the eyes of your target market. However, nothing comes easy without a good strategic plan, right? Well, here are a few steps that you can use to achieve the success you are looking for as you do Winnipeg local SEO for your site.

Understand Your Business Needs

The most important thing to begin with would be to better understand your business in terms of operations, challenges, strong points, and perhaps the expected returns. This way, you would be able to determine whether it would be worth to invest in the services of Winnipeg SEO experts in the first place, let alone be in a position to base selection on their charges. Again, it is important to determine who you are up against in the same business line, as well as what you need to stand a better chance against them.

Do Extensive Research

The next crucial point that you should never forget to watch is to do an extensive research about a couple of things. These would be about the target market and what most of them are looking for, about your competitor’s strategies, and most importantly, about the various Winnipeg SEO firms available. As for the competition, you may determine their client base, their range of products, how they do their marketing, and such stuff. When it comes to the target audience, having to study their trends, challenges, needs, and such stuff would be beneficial. You can also use online based analytic tools to determine what they are looking for most in terms of frequently searched keywords. When it comes to getting a Winnipeg SEO Agency a list of about three would do, from which you can select your best fit based on various factors as below.

Hire An Expert

The task of selecting the best among the best service providers might be a tricky task. To make the activity less daunting when choosing a better Winnipeg SEO company, there are a few pointers worth to consider. These would be:

  • Determine Their Experience: Be sure to determine how long they have been in business. Online sources, their websites, or business directories may be some of the resourceful tools. You can even choose to ask them.
  • Know Their Reputation: If a Winnipeg SEO services provider is better known by their reputation rather than brand, then they probably would be a better choice. Looking at comments, feedback or testimonials online would be a wise idea. Also, be sure to ask for references and previous clients for confirmation by word of mouth. Contact these and ask them about the services of the particular service provider.
  • Determine Their Specialization: Different search engine professional agencies may have specializations in different fields or lines of business. You do not want to hire someone who is less informed or has less expertise in your particular business.
  • Ask For Optimization Approaches They Use: Remember that web regulators can ban your site if they happen to notice any unnatural linking or black hat SEO. Let them be specific in their explanation on how they plan to rank you high on search engines.
  • Seek To Know Their Prices: After determining other factors, then getting a price quote from each of them would be outstanding. However, as you do the comparisons; remember not to get over biased and tend to select more based upon the fees. This would be best done in an open mind.

Get Down To Business

Now that you’ve gotten the best service provider, time comes to roll the dices. However, even as you have found a reliable Winnipeg SEO services provider, do not forget to launch other marketing approaches such as social media campaigns, video marketing, email marketing, and the like. Investing in Winnipeg SEM services to get paid traffic would also be a wiser idea to boost traffic inflow to your site.

Our Services At A Glance

Panda, Penguin & Hummingbird site, page and backlink architecture analysis and audit.

Comprehensive backlink & anchor-text profile analysis focused on ranking penalty assessment and analysis including recovery of lost links and disavowing harmful ones.

Comprehensive, niche-specific keyword analysis focused on identifying customer visitor search and buying habits.

SIte authority analysis and audit focused on identifying and linking niche-specific authority sites.

Comprehensive, natural backlinking strategy focused on long-term, Google-friendly and penalty proof stable results.

Local Google Maps optimization focused on improved 7-pack local listings.

Comprehensive social signals media campaings focused on content syndication, curation and creation designed to enhance your social media presence and following.

Conversion optimization focused on improving visitor engagement and lowering customer acquisition costs.

Comprehensive reporting, including our proprietary real-time web-based analytics tools.